About Us

Online Career Guidance provides individual, comprehensive career guidance, based on the learners/students interests, skills and personality characteristics. Over the years, we have refined the product which, together with the enviable results we have achieved, ensures that high school learners and students will follow a career path that is best suited to their particular career orientation. Helping them make informed, realistic choice to get a head start in life. The evaluation takes approximately 35 minutes and on completion, generates a comprehensive report on suitable career options, outlining the required tertiary qualification for each career option, as well as relevant suggested institutions of learning. Of singular importance, the report also details the recommended subjects that should be pursued during the FET stage of high school, for grade 10, 11 and 12 .

The investment of R350.00 (excl Vat) to establish the ideal career direction, will prove to be one of the best investments a learner can make, as it not only gives guidance, but also confidence and belief for the future.

We are South Africa’s pioneer in online career guidance and have successfully worked closely with our various schools for many years. Our teams conduct ongoing research and development, to ensure that we not only remain current in the market, but also that the career guidance we offer is the very best available, is topical and includes new jobs that are created by virtue AI and the 4th industrial revolution.

Register on www.onlinecareerguidance.co.za to own your career journey. Should you like us to facilitate a career guidance session at your school please get in touch: info@onlinecareerguidance.co.za

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