Some good jobs to consider ...

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March 05, 2018

Our workforce has a myriad of talents, desires and lifestyles, so there is no one best job that suits each one of us.
However, if we were to define the characteristics of a good job generally, the factors would be a job that pays well, challenges you without stressing you out too much and lastly provides room for growth and career advancement.


  1. Dentist - your dentist isn’t just concerned with your teeth, he/she may also notice signs of undiagnosed diabetes, oral cancer and heart disease during a dental exam. A comfortable median salary with a good work-life balance have helped this intrinsic health care job take top spot.
  2. Software Developer - these professionals usually fall into two camps:  there are the application developers, who design computer software and databases, then there are the systems developers who build operating systems, such as Linux, Apache, PHP, My SQL.  The ICT sector is one that is growing daily and employment opportunities for the “switched on” developer, whether as a consultant or employee are abound.
  3. Physicians - are the top of the health care food chain.  It is their responsibility to diagnose and treat patients and instruct on proper diet, hygiene and disease prevention.  Like other jobs in this industry, physicians will see abundant job growth and security.
  4. Physiotherapist – is involved in helping paralytics regain mobility, cancer survivors renew their strength, athletes recover from an injury and so much more. The profession will always be in demand and is expected to grow abundantly.
  5. Computer Systems Analyst – in order to excel in this job, you need to be both goal-focused and process-oriented.  Computer systems analysts must understand computer hardware, software and networks and how they work together, so they can make recommendations to organisations on the most suitable operating systems.
  6. Information Security Analyst – it is a no brainer that this profession is growing, as we become increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate our every day actions.  Information security analysts plan and monitor security of computer networks for companies and our government.