Selecting a Tertiary Institution

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January 31, 2018


Before applying to a tertiary institution, enrolling in a short course or considering an online programme, there are many decisions that need to be made and circumstances to consider.  This can be an overwhelming experience, and the confusion about what to study and which career to pursue really can add additional anxiety to the situation.

An essential starting point in deciding what qualification to consider would be to determine exactly what the scarce skills are and what critical jobs are needed in South Africa or abroad?  When choosing a career path, it is also important to evaluate the current level of skill, as completing a degree that will take you into a saturated market won't help you in securing sustainable employment.  Have a look at the "Critical Skills List:"

More importantly, understand yourself; your likes, dislikes, skills and interests, as well as consider your personality characteristics and traits to properly gauge what the most suitable career paths you may or may not wish to follow and what educational requirements are needed.

The choice of the tertiary institution starts with well-defined career choices and career guidance.  The choice of institution should be the second step in the decision making process; after you have researched and decided on your career path.

There are many choices available, and there is much information, it is essential to ensure that all your options have been researched.  When considering the specific course or institution, evaluate their differentiators, track record and the quality of their programmes, to assist in making the right decision and ensure you own your career journey.

Unemployment has created awareness that having the correct qualifications is beneficial.  To educate with a view to creating sustainable employment and career development is the key, along with the mind set of continuous learning and development.

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