Most popular jobs

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January 08, 2018

These are some of the "Top Jobs" selected by our South African youth:

Accountant  IT Design Engineer
Actor/Actress IT Hacker 
Actuary IT Software Developer
Advocate IT Systems Programmer
Air Hostess Lawyer/Attorney
Animal Scientist Marine Biologist
Architect  Medical Scientist
Bank Manager Neurologist 
Biologist Nurse - General
Cardiologist Occupational Therapist
Chartered Accountant Paediatrician 
Doctor/General Practitioner Paramedic 
Engineer - Aeronautical  Pharmacist
Engineer - Chemical  Physiotherapist
Engineer - Civil  Pilot 
Engineer - Electrical Psychiatrist
Engineer - Mechanical Psychologist 
Fashion Designer Social Worker
Forensic Accountant Surgeon
Forensic Pathologist Teacher/Educator
Hotel Manager  Technician - Mechanical Engineering 
Investment Banker Technologist - Electrical Engineering 
IT Analyst Programmer Veterinarian (VET) 
IT Computer Security Specialist Zoologist