Considering a career in ICT?

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April 12, 2016

Few South Africans consider careers in ICT when leaving school
... these careers should be given consideration by our country's youth and here is why:

  • Employers of choice: In 2014, Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For revealed that four of the top ten companies were software or technology-related organisations.  In fact, the top two were both software companies. 
  • Skills in demand: On the local front, according to Career Junction's Index (July 2015), the ICT industry sees the highest job vacancy levels in the country.  The demand for people to fill ICT roles is more than double that of the engineering industry, which has the third-highest demand level on the Index.
  • According to Buzz South Africa, the highest-paying job (on average) in SA in 2015 is that of a software engineer.  In general software engineers and developers will usually be in the top ten of any salary survey.
  • In the biggest worldwide developer survey - StackOverflow's 2015 Developer Survey - around 70 percent of participants said that they were self-taught or trained on the job, indicating new levels of sustained value to employees presented by this field.
  • If ICT companies are usually good companies to work for, it's relatively easy to find a job, an expensive and lengthy qualification is often not required and the pay is above average.

There is the instant gratification of building something from scratch. With software being a part of everything nowadays - from apps on phones and devices, social media, as well as the process which runs a DSTV Explora or the SatNav in a car - software developers' work is often showcased in the public eye. What could be cooler than that?