A day in the life of a: Programmer

April 27, 2015


Current Position: Senior Programmer

Industry: Internet / Marketing
Company: Flint+Tinder
Years in position: 5+years
Degree/Courses Studied: Adobe suite
Institution: Hirt & Carter College

How I chose my career?
I originally started as a graphic designer but then found a passion for coding when I was 29 years old. I've been working as a coder for 6/7 years now and absolutely love it.

My expectations:
My guidance counselor and family steered me towards design as I loved drawing and was pretty talented at it. The reality was I never really had the head for the criticism of such a subjective art. Even as I designer I fell more towards the DTP side of design as I enjoyed working with restrictions of corporate guidelines. Although I was talented at drawing and painting something in front of me, I didn't really have much creativeness in searching my imagination for ideas and inspiration.

Code is something that is always changing, with new platforms and languages coming out all the time. The salary comparison from a designer to a programmer was quite big. As a designer my experience was that you earned the big bucks by working with Corporates and generally worked less hours. Agencies worked you to the ground for nearly half the amount but the work was more creatively gratifying.

With programming my salary is much more now than if I was still working as a graphic designer.

If I could change anything I'd have taken maths at school and actually studied Computer Science. I feel although I'm capable as a self-taught programmer I am limited by my knowledge or lack there of.

A typical day for me includes:
On a typical day we meet with a client, they tell us what there marketing objective is and then we brainstorm to decide which digital media will reach the biggest audience. Depending on budget we then decide on how innovative we can be.

Although programming doesn't sound very creative, you are always being creative with how things come together. I think of it as a giant puzzle and once you have an idea of what you want the end result to be, you can start to piece the code together bit by bit.

We deal with art directors, project managers, agencies, copy writers, graphic designers, 3D animators.

It'll be a year before my performance gets re-evaluated.

I like/dislike this career choice because:
I find it so incredibly rewarding. When something works it just works. We have great clients and I work with a wonderful team.

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