A day in the life of a: Pilot

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April 27, 2015


Current Position: Pilot

Industry: Aviation
Company: British Airways/ Comair
Years in position: 10+ years
Degree/Courses Studied: Commercial Pilots Licence
Institution: Lanseria Flight Centre

How I chose my career?
I loved Aircraft so I investigated options in the travel industry. I did not have any career guidance.

My expectations:
The perception I had was that my career choice would allow me a lot more freedom than what an office job would. I could Travel and see the world. In reality we work very hard and get very little time off to travel a lot. Shift work is very exhausting and its not so glamorous. You are up most mornings at 4am and even though I fly domestically we are away a lot and we fly weekends so I miss out on functions, friends and Family. If I could find a balance in my job, where I could fly part time I would have the best job. The hours are the only thing I would change. The salary for a pilot in South Africa is quite good and the money has never been the draw card for me..

A typical day for me includes:
I have been a first officer for 6 years and my peaking order has come up for command upgrade. If I left my job and reapplied I would have to start at the bottom again and wait for my turn to come in order to advance in my career. We interact with ground Engineers and people on the radio, ATC, and our Operations. We do not have to deal with the public face to face unless there is a problem

I love this career choice because:
I love this career choice as I do get Travel perks and the views from the cockpit are amazing. I hate the shift work, weekend and public holidays work and missing out on family and friends.

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