For Business and Corporate Social Investment

CSI initiative in education
South Africa views education as its top priority and there can be no better educational investment than ensuring that learners and students follow the career path best suited to them.

Online Career Guidance delivers cost effective and authoritative career direction and resultant subject choice to school going and tertiary students alike. It is a unique online process developed in South Africa with the objective of playing a constructive role in providing individual and comprehensive career guidance.  Pursuing a career direction that ideally suits the student leads to a more enjoyable learning experience and thereby an overall better pass rate, often in areas where a critical skills shortage exists. This in turn will play a role in stimulating economic growth and reducing unemployment and poverty.
Online Career Guide represents the ideal opportunity for a company looking for a Corporate Social Investment initiative that will play a meaningful role in developing the full potential of our youth and the economic wellbeing of the country.   Immediately available and highly economical. The Online Career Guide facilitates a sustainable investment in education and will prove to be a particularly attractive and effective CSI initiative.


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