The Online Career Guide provides individual, comprehensive and very meaningful career guidance, based on a learners/students interests, skills and personality characteristics. The results are designed to ensure a career path that is best suited to the individual concerned. The exercise should take 25 minutes and this investment in establishing the ideal career direction, which costs a nominal R350.00, will prove to be one of the best investments you have ever made.

At the end of the evaluation exercise, you will be able to access a comprehensive report on your results that details recommended career direction, school subject selection, tertiary qualification and suggested institutions of learning; all relevant to the career option that you are best suited to.

We have a history steeped in education and our interests go beyond those of career guidance, as we also work with organisations who assist the South African youth and support career guidance initiatives.

We are pioneers in online career guidance and to ensure we stay ahead, we conduct on going research to ensure that the guidance we offer is as up to date and the very best available.